Survey on Essential Skills for AR Specialists

We have designed a Survey to determine the Essential Skills for Augmented Reality Specialists. In this survey, we aim to identify Industry expectations of essential skills of AR developers. The insights and opinions collected from organizations that employ or plan to hire AR specialists will help to inform the development of an Higher Education module aimed to train AR developers. This survey is a unique effort to brigde the gap between the offer of higher education and the industry demand.

The survey is designed for organizations that recruit or plan to recruit AR specialists – software or hardware developers, content designers, managers, etc. We are especially interested in the professional opinions of those who defines what skills newly recruited AR developers need.

The full survey questionnaire contains 16 questions and takes about 7-8 minutes to complete.

The survey is designed and run by the AR-FOR-EU team, a strategic partnership of five Higher Education institutions dedicated to building solid on-campus and online courses on the topic of Augmented Reality.

More details available on the Survey Page.