Augmented Reality Skills Summit Announced

We are glad to announce the first Code Reality event Augmented Reality Skills Summit to be held in Brussels on 24 May 2018. Augmented Reality is the future, everyone agrees, but do you really know what it takes to create Augmented Reality applications? This one day public event will present the results of our industry survey [...]
We have designed a Survey to determine the Essential Skills for Augmented Reality Specialists. In this survey, we aim to identify Industry expectations of essential skills of AR developers. The insights and opinions collected from organizations that employ or plan to hire AR specialists will help to inform the development of an Higher Education module [...]

Code Reality is a new initiative aimed to develop high-quality educational offer on the topic of Augmented Reality. Code Reality will help to educate developers of Augmenter Reality for the growing demand from the creative and digital industries of tomorrow. Code Reality is initiated and run by the AR-FOR-EU team, a strategic partnership of five Higher Education […]